About Establishment Listing 2009

The EL2009 was conducted from 9 February to 8 March 2009 with regarding 9 February 2009 as the reference date, covering the entire tertiary of the Kingdom of Cambodia and all establishments except individual proprietorships in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery, and mobile establishments. The EL2009 was carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning with both financial and technical assistance from the Government of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through the Project on Improving Official Statistics.


1. Purpose
(1) Produce statistics of distribution of establishments and persons engaged according to various characteristics of establishments such as industry, size, and legal status, and according to various regional breakdowns.   
(2) Develop a national comprehensive frame for economic surveys and 2011 Economic Census of Cambodia.
(3) Develop a census frame for the 2011 Economic Census of Cambodia.


2. Reference date
As of 9 February 2009


3. Period of enumeration
From 9 February to 8 March 2009


4. Legal basis
Article 8 (or 9), the Statistics Law of Cambodia


5. Area coverage
The whole territory of Cambodia


6. Coverage
All the establishments excluding individual proprietorships which belong to Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery industries of International Standard Industrial Classifications (ISIC) version 4 and mobile establishments

Definition of establishment:
An establishment is an enterprise or part of enterprise, that is situated in a single location and in which only a single (non-ancillary) productive activity is carried out or in which the principal productive activity accounts for most of the value added.  (United Nations Statistics Division)


7. Field organization
Ministry of Planning (NIS) à Provincial Coordinators (24, mostly Directors of the Provincial Planning Department) à Supervisors (40, mostly NIS officers) à Enumerators (358, mostly provincial or district planning officers)


8. Method
An enumerator visits each establishment, and interviews the owner or the employee who is entitled to represent the establishment,using EL2009 Form. 


9. The estimated number of establishments in Cambodia
Around 380,000 establishments are estimated on the basis of the results of the preparatory listing.


10. Topics to be studied
(1) Name of establishment
(2) Sex of representative of establishment
(3) Address of establishment
(4) Registered to Ministry of Commerce or not
(5) Ownership of organization (Legal status)
(6) Head office or branch
(7) Number of persons engaged by sex
(8) Kind of business activities (Industrial classification)
(9) Telephone number of establishment


11. Data processing, Analysis, and Dissemination
(1) Preliminary results are scheduled to be released on 9 June 2009.  
(2) Final results are planned to be released in December 2009.


12. Technical assistance
Project on Improving Official Statistics in Cambodia by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been providing technical assistance from August 2005 to September 2010.


13. Fund contribution
(1) Ministry of Planning: USD 30,745-
(2) Counterpart fund from Japan: USD 220,950-  
(3) JICA project in the NIS: USD 120,238- 
(4) JICA project in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs: USD 16,303- 


14. Preparatory stages
(1) 2006 Establishment Partial Listing in Phnom Penh
(2) 2007 Establishment Statistics Sample Survey in Phnom Penh