Cambodia Socioeconomic Survey 2007

The results from CSES 2007 are presented in separate reports for different subject matter areas.

The CSES 2007 was conducted from October 2006 to December 2007. The monthly sample size was 300 households. In the reports all estimates presented are based on the 12 month samples (3,600 households), i.e. the calendar year 2007. Comparisons between the previous published results of CSES 2004 in September 2005 and the results from CSES 2007 should be made with caution. For more information see section “Comparability” under “About the Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey” or section 4.8 in the reports.


- Housing Conditions 2007

- Education 2007

- Health 2007

- Victimization 2007

- Labour Force 2007